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How many times have you pasted something in Notepad and then copied the plain text again? We do it all the time to strip formatting from the clipboard. This utility lets you pick which format from the clipboard to keep.


Pick 'Text Only' to strip all formatting and drop all other formats from the clipboard.

As an example, OneNote is great with the clipboard--it copies every format imaginable, including images so that you can paste in any way you want (see the screenshot below for the full list of formats it puts on the clipboard). The problem of course is when you paste to a "dumb" application that doesn't support Paste Special. Some applications will always prefer an image over text, and you're stuck with the Paste To Notepad and Copy Just The Plain Text routine.

This application solves this dumb problem. Just click the format you want to keep--all the rest are discarded.


Advanced UI lets you pick other formats to keep.

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